Travel Essentials: What you need to have with you when on a business trip

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Find the 4 Products that will make you stand out when you are on a business trip

iGadget-24 /   PUBLISHED: OCT-30-2019

Whether your job requires frequent business travel or just the occasional overnight stay, keeping a list handy of what to make sure you always have with you, will help you minimise stress as you 'll be well-organised and ready to shine.

Sure thing is that we won't be talking here about the number of suits and shirts you need to have with you, but you knew that, right? Today we will be talking about all those gadgets you need to have with you, that will make distinguish among your colleagues and have you on technologies epitome.

Apart from that, you will find it useful to have them with you, as they 'll ease your life the days you won't be home. Not to mention that all of your colleagues will definitely ask to borrow them. Ready to find out what are we talking about?

Find below a thorough list of the TOP 4 Gadgets you need to have with you when on a business trip.

Top 4 Gadgets you Need in a Business Trip

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This Genius Device Fixes Slow Wi-Fi

WiFi UltraBoost is indeed a life saver when you are in a conference, in a hotel's room, or on a meeting somewhere you 've never been before and don't know the Internet's black spots. Just think of yourself, wanting to sent a really important email to a client and the Internet is so slow that you worry that the email won't be sent. This is definitely an unpleasant situation. But we have the solution to that.

WiFi UltraBoost an innovative device that boosts WiFi so that you 'll never have to face losing connectivity. WiFi UltraBoost is essentially two cutting-edge WiFi router and a powerful amplifier, all in one tiny box.
It connects to your existing network and acts as a signal repeater, literally doubling your networks range.

Now you won’t have to worry about ping or network failures! Just guess how many colleagues will thank you for having WiFi UltraBoost with you, because you really saved the day for them as well.

Enjoy Internet at speeds you 'd never imagined, without having to worry about black spots in the conference room, in the hotel room, anywhere you are.


Stop the Embarrassing Snoring with that Must-Have Product!

Have you ever been in that situation in which you had to share your hotel room with a colleague? Do you remember the embarrassment the next morning that you heard the recordings of you snoring like a bear the previous night?

If you want to leave situations like that in the past, then you should consider getting SmoothSleep. SmoothSleep is designed to detect snoring activity. When it does so, it emits specific low-frequency pulses to stimulate and massage the muscles and nerves of the chin.

The best thing about SmoothSleep is that it comes with a mobile app, which tracks your sleep behaviour, so you can analyse your snoring activity in the morning. SmoothSleep will help you get rid of snoring and enjoy your sleep all night long, without having to worry about the colleagues making fun of you.

Are you ready to seize the day?

Backup All Your Photos And Videos With Just One Click!

This affordable brand-new gadget instantly backs up all of your files within seconds. If you keep more than a few photos and videos from special moments, or precious documentation for work, contracts, etc. saved only on your computer (or multiple computers), you’re a real risk-taker.

What will you do if your computer is broken, stolen or just full and suddenly you don't have access to your files? BackupBuddy is the ONLY product of its kind that saves up to 60,000 photos and videos painlessly, and completely hassle free.

BackupBuddy storage works automatically and be connected directly to your phone. The best thing about it? It doesn’t need any software installation or anything like that, it just connects and starts working in a completely "plug and play" way.

PLUS, it identifies duplicates and automatically saves a single version – maximising storage space and saving yourself from browsing through the same image multiple times.

You can't consider yourself a professional if you are always on the edge of losing all your valuable docs.

Take Amazing Aerial Photographs With this Drone

Let's say you are in a city you 've never been before, travelling with work. Wouldn't you like to take some pictures of it? But is your mobile phone's camera enough? You 'd like to take a picture of all coworkers together, maybe post it in company's social media. Can you actually do it with your cell? We believe, not. And this is why we are introducing you Blade 720 Drone.

Blade 720 Drone is a new type of drone, so easy to fly. It's camera is able to take high definition pictures that everyone is going to ask you how you managed to take them. You don't have to be an expert to learn how to fly it. In less than 10 seconds it will be in the air delivering to you great videos and pictures.

First, you have to install an app. Once you have done that, just plug in the battery, connect to your drone and start up the app. In less than 10 seconds you’re ready to fly your drone! It’s all very easy and you will be transformed to the photographer of the company. Worth it, huh?

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