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Blaux Portable AC is a new, innovative portable device that can save you from the hottest of days. What’s so special about it? Now, you can have an air conditioner, a humidifier and an air purifier all in one device. Forget about feeling overwhelmed by the heat and enjoy a cool summer like never before. Make it extra amazing by creating an environment free of humidity and harmful particles that fly through the air.

During summer it takes that much to start feeling like walking through fire. The atmosphere feels heavier from all the heat and breathing becomes difficult. But this isn't a problem if you have cooler air, with much less humidity and less harmful particles. No more sore eyes and throat and no more coughing!  

The solution is so simple that it will blow your mind! With Blaux Portable AC, cooling down needs just a couple of minutes and without spending a fortune. No more electricity bills that give you nightmares! Feel the breeze anywhere you are without the need of a socket! It feels like a new best friend!

Blaux Portable AC works by mimicking nature. How? It uses the power of water evaporation to keep the atmosphere around you cool and clean. All that with the help of a super silent fan that won’t disturb your summer days. Plus, it has evaporative filters that take the hot, dry and dirty air and turn it into cleaner, cooler and with less humidity air.

An eco-friendly solution that will also save you a fortune! No chemicals are used so rest assured that your health will face no trouble at all. All it takes is some water and three easy steps! Just add tap water in the unit, insert the replaceable water curtain and turn it on. Enjoy your summer days!

Imagine being at your place, lounging on your living room and the heat is so unbearable that the only way to feel better is open the fridge and stay in front on it. That’s not the solution though, is it? Well, the best feature of Blaux Portable AC is that it’s small and compact, with an ergonomic design. You can take it literally everywhere with you! No need for an electrical outlet. It’s cordless and super convenient!

That’s why Blaux Portable AC is the ultimate summer gadget! Drinking an ice-cold coffee at your balcony or garden? Going camping? Working hours and hours during the hottest of days? The answer to all these questions is the same and it’s pretty simple! Stay comfortable no matter what and let the breeze help you relax!

Don’t forget how easy it is to get it started. All it needs is tap water! That’s another thing that makes it so popular all over the world. No only it has a low price but the running cost is even lower. Thanks to its Advanced Proximity Sensor that automatically turns off the unit when it doesn’t need to run, your pocket will stay full. The absolute summer essential is here! No more hot summer days and no more restless nights.

It took only a couple of seconds to feel relieved from all the summer heat. Blaux Portable AC provided the cool breeze that was needed to turn this season into a whole new experience. Not only that, but also the quality of the air in the room was so much better. People who suffer from humidity and other particles like dust will see the difference right from the start. We couldn’t believe that a device of this size can create such a magnificent atmosphere.

If you think about it, it’s really impressive how such a simple recipe that needs only water and a top-quality fan can give you so much. Traditional air conditioners not only are bulky, expensive and not portable at all, but they also make the air dry and not fresh at all. Plus, Blaux Portable AC is totally chemicals-free so it’s totally safe for you and your loved ones. Clean it very easily in just a minute and reuse the filters without the need for extra expenses. So simple! So powerful!

Blaux Portable AC is by far the best solution to hot summer days and nights and the ultimate alternative to regular expensive air conditioners. Totally harmless without using any chemicals. Just water! A low price combined with low cost maintenance! Your biggest ally for a cool home with a perfect atmosphere. All cooler, air cleaner and humidifier all in one! Fight the unbearable heat with a device like this and make your life an amazing experience! Every single one will enjoy its features without paying high electricity bills. No worries anymore!

Blaux Portable AC is a premium device that can be used all-year round and keep you and your family satisfied. Stop wasting your time and create your ideal home without emptying your pockets!

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