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Have you ever felt that even the simplest daily things, working or even sleeping, are too hard to handle on hot days?
You open a window hoping for a cool breeze but all you get is more unbearable heat. You end up feeling sweaty and uncomfortable.
Finally, you go to sleep and your bedroom feels like it's in the middle of the desert.
And if you have kids, they're probably right there in the desert with you!

The solution is simple! CoolAir is here to become your best ally against unbearable temperatures!

CoolAir is a new, innovative portable device that can save you from the hottest of days. What’s so special about it? Now, you can have your personal cooling unit anywhere you want. Forget about feeling overwhelmed by the heat and enjoy a cool summer like never before. Make it extra amazing by creating an environment that everyone loves, and enjoy a refreshing breeze with your favorite people!

With CoolAir , creating an ideal atmosphere needs just a couple of minutes and without spending a fortune. No more electricity bills that give you nightmares! Feel the breeze anywhere you are without the need of a socket! It feels like a new best friend!

You're probably thinking that this is just another product that will waste your time and money. The thing is that CoolAir can get rid of high temperatures and give you a cool and fresh environment simply and quickly. All it needs is a couple of minutes and some water. How would you feel if just a little water kept your place cool for 8 hours? Shocked right? All you need to do is take it out of its box and voila! No more installation troubles. CoolAir is super easy to use!

You just fill up the internal tank with tap water, plug it into either a USB port such as a power-bank, or a wall outlet, and let it work its magic. Once it's on, it can cool any area of your home down in minutes.

Are you afraid that it might be complicated for you? Then, think again! All it takes is pressing a button and done! Your home, or even your office will be transformed right away! Let all this hot and stale air turn into a cool and refreshing breeze with the power of water! No need for magic here! Nature knows best! And CoolAir might seem small but it's so mighty that it won't stop fighting the high temperatures for you, as it pumps out cool air constantly and in a completely silent way.

CoolAir is a powerful, lightweight and compact personal air conditioner that you can take anywhere with you. It creates a clean and natural atmosphere in your room, while it humidifies and purifies the air without annoying noise.

The relaxing breeze of cool, clean air and the soothing soft night light creates the perfect conditions for you to relax! If the summer sun is too hot to handle, then CoolAir is the best thing you could find to immediately improve your daily life. With its elegant design you can have it in your office, living room, bedroom, bathroom or any other room you’d like!

Don’t forget how easy it is to get it started. All it needs is tap water! That’s another thing that makes it so popular all over the world. Not only it has a low price, but the running cost is even lower. The absolute summer essential is here!

No more hot summer days and no more restless nights!

It only took us a couple of seconds to feel relieved from all the summer heat. CoolAir provided the cool breeze that we needed to turn this hot season into a whole new experience. It didn't only cool us down, but also made the quality of the air in the room so much better. People who suffer from breathing conditions will immediately feel relieved. We couldn’t believe that a device of this size can create such a magnificent atmosphere!

If you think about it, it’s really impressive that a device that only needs water and a top-quality fan can give you so much. Traditional air conditioners not only are bulky, expensive and not portable, but they also make the air dry and not fresh at all.

What's also great about CoolAir ? You can clean it very easily in just a minute and reuse its filters without the need for extra expenses. So simple! So powerful!

CoolAir is by far the best solution to hot summer days and nights and the ultimate alternative to expensive air conditioners. It is totally harmless without using any chemicals. Just water! A low price combined with low maintenance cost!

Your biggest ally for a cool home with a perfect atmosphere. Fight the unbearable heat with a device like this and make your everyday life an amazing experience! CoolAir can be used by you and your family all summer long and keep you satisfied.

Every single one will enjoy its great features without the need to pay high electricity bills. No worries anymore! Stop wasting your time and create the ideal home atmosphere for you, without emptying your pockets! Don't miss that chance!

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